Why Are We Doing This:

We started Journey Church because we felt God moving us to reach out to the people around us, right where we live and work.  Our leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience in leading and helping people take their next step toward Christ.

Our core values drive us on our mission, “Helping people take their next step towards Christ.”  It is really important to us that what we do is all working toward that mission.  We’re not here to get rich or skip out on the 9-5.  We all have day jobs, in fact, on our budget we’re even going to give away 20%.

Jesus is the center of our faith and an example of how we live our lives.  His principles of loving, leadership, and intimacy with God are a part of us.  See what we believe for more.

Please join us Sunday’s at 10:00 AM at the Wynnsong 16 Theaters in Johnston, IA to get to know us better.