Today’s prayer emphasis is DESIRE

In Jeremiah 24:7, God spoke through Jeremiah and said, “I will put in the people’s (Israel’s) hearts a desire to know Me.”

That passage is always a reminder to me that “24/7” (Jeremiah 24:7), God is putting a desire to know Him in people’s hearts. Today as your friends and family are sitting in class, going to work, working out at the gym, making dinner – whatever they are doing – God is giving them a desire to know Him. Twenty-four seven.

Today, let’s pray for the people that we are inviting or plan to invite to The Comeback this Easter. While you may be the one to put that circle invite in their hand and extend the invitation, God is the One that will draw their heart to be there.

“God, we pray today that You would put a desire to know you in the hearts of our friends, family members, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, and other people we might come into contact with today. Amen.”

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