When I was just out of college, I worked as a technician at an optometrist’s office. I have so many funny and strange stories from that time, and I love telling them. When I think back to my time at that job, there is one simple observation: people with vision problems need them corrected as much as is possible. Little children sometimes need glasses, teenagers need glasses, people reaching a certain age need bifocals, older people may need a serious vision adjustment to keep them from seeing double.

People get glasses, contacts, and even surgeries to correct their vision. As vision tends to deteriorate over time, additional correction is needed. And what happens when you don’t have the vision correction you need? Objects up close or far away aren’t clear, there may be two of what you’re trying to look at instead of the reality that there is only one object, you may get headaches, or you just spend your day squinting at everything.

The Scriptures use the imagery of vision and the eyes quite a few times. Many times, when God asked someone to lift their eyes, that person’s perspective changed. Abraham (one of the Jewish forefathers) received God’s promise for his life and future generations by lifting his vision and seeing the land God was giving him. Joshua (the warrior who brought God’s people into the land God promised them) lifted his eyes and saw the Commander of the Lord’s army and received instructions to take the land given to him and God’s people.

One of the psalmists of the Bible writes:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains–where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:1-2

Our vision is just as, if not more important in our spiritual lives. What we focus on, the direction we’re looking, and whether or not we’re seeing clearly are checkups we need to make regularly. If things in your life are getting blurry or out of focus, you need to make an adjustment. If you wear contacts or glasses, you know how important the cleaning process is. If you don’t clean your glasses or take out and clean or dispose of your contacts regularly, you could compromise your vision. It is the same with our spiritual life: we need to look at our hearts and submit them for cleaning. We need to evaluate where our focus is to see if anything has pulled our vision away from God, sometimes so subtly that we haven’t even noticed. The good news is that when we lift our eyes, we have the promise of help from the maker of heaven and earth.

What areas of your life have been blurry or distorted lately?
Will you do a vision check in your spiritual life this week?
What one thing can you “look to the mountains” for help for this week?

God, thank you for reminding me to look to you when things get difficult. Please show me any areas that are out of focus or distorted in my life with You. I put my focus on You today. Amen.

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