Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Family

September 30, 2012


Family is defined as any group of persons closely related by blood. So by definition, we’re all part of a family. But what we don’t all experience is the success and unity our family should have. Stressful schedules, digital distractions, and communication challenges add to the challenge of family unity. The Bible has some incredible things to say about what it takes to thrive, not just survive, in your family. Join us for this series as we apply the ancient wisdom of Scripture to the modern family.

This four week series will cover:

Balance of Power:

Families that put serving ahead of self and pro-actively look for ways to lift each other up are families that thrive and get to enjoy each other

Communication Fustration:

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, but communication isn’t always easy. The Bible has some great thoughts about communication that can help us.

Coming out Swinging:

All of us have discovered that the “perfect family” does not exist. When you have relationships you will have conflict. How you handle that conflict is what counts.

Family Reunion:

An argument, a decision, or a selfish action can turn close family members into “distant relatives.” Through God we can find healing and hope for our family tree.



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