Engage: It is too late

March 8, 2015





You see it everyday. Someone walking down the street, headphones on, marching to his own beat, oblivious to the soundtrack of the world around him, or a group of friends huddled in silence in a restaurant booth as they bow over their phones. Keeping up the what’s happening everywhere else in a the world. So what would it look like if we took the time to engage the people around us? What would we see? WHO would we see? The Gospels are full of stories of engaging conversations between Jesus and people he took the tim ego talk to. We’re going to learn form His example as we seek to engage the people around us.

This Week:

Some people believe they have so messed up their life that not even God can help them. We can engage them with hope.

Study Guide:

Use this study guide for your community group, or to follow along.
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Bible References

  • John 4:3 - 34

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