Summer Mixtape 2015

Why do we sing what we sing?

Ever had that friend who likes to sing along with the radio and she sort of gets the words right most of the time (Although you know that Ed Sheeran isn’t singing, “Take me into your lemon arms…”). When the beat is good and the music is flowing, the lyrics can get lost.

This summer we are going to dig into the meaning and significance of the words we sing at church. Each week we will feature a song and unpack what that song teaches us about God’s character or our relationship with Him. What does it mean that God is “the Rock that won’t move”? Or that He “calls us out on the waters”? We’re going to find out and we are going to grab ahold of what that means for us in the day-to-day rythms of life.

We’re excited about our Summer Mix Vol. II and we hope you will join us on weekends this summer!

Daily Devotional

Follow along on our Daily Devotionals that coincide with this series.  Each day a new devotional will be presented that elaborates the theme of that weeks song.  The authors will look at if from their own distinct point of view, while the central idea will be tied together.

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The Rock Won’t Move – Summer Mixtape Week 1


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