SERIES: Summer on the Mount

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Journey Church


MATTHEW 4:23-25 (735)

23 Jesus traveled throughout the region of Galilee, teaching in the synagogues and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom. And he healed every kind of disease and illness. 24 News about him spread as far as Syria, and people soon began bringing to him all who were sick. And whatever their sickness or disease, or if they were demon possessed or epileptic or paralyzed—he healed them all.25 Large crowds followed him wherever he went—people from Galilee, the Ten Towns, Jerusalem, from all over Judea, and from east of the Jordan River.



MATTHEW 5:1-2 (735)

One day as he saw the crowds gathering, Jesus went up on the mountainside and sat down. His disciples gathered around him, and he began to teach them.


  • The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ Manifesto.


  • Stott: “Christian Counter-Culture


  • “Most well-known, least obeyed teaching of Christ.” – Mark Clark


  • Jesus wants to move people from the crowdto the church.


  • Crowd vs. church


  • They had said YES to following, now, Jesus is saying, “Let me tell you how my Kingdom (value system, world view) works”


  • Jesus compares His unknownKingdomto what they already knew.


  • Jewish Law / Pagan culture / Kingdom of Heaven


  • People were looking for something different – Jesus was offering something different and He wanted them to know if they were going to follow Him, their lives would have to be different


  • Worst thing that could be said about a Christ-follower: “You are no different than anyone else.”


  • Jesus doesn’t lowerthe bar, He raises



MATTHEW 5:20 (736)

20 “But I warn you—unless your righteousness is better than the righteousness of the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven!


  • Righteousness is better (exceeds) / Pharisees were the super strict, holy people


  • Jesus: You don’t get to play shell games with the rules – you’ve got to be different inside at your core.


  • You have heard it said (law), but I say…
    • Murder/anger
    • Adultery/lust


  • Turn cheek, coat/shirt, 2 miles


  • Is Jesus being realor ideal?


  • Skeptic: “The things asked in this sermon are absurd. To look at a woman is adultery? To hate someone is the same as murder? This is the most extreme, stupid, unhuman statement I’ve ever heard.”


  • Biblical scholars: Is Jesus expressing a utopia that will be obtained someday, or does He really expect His followers to live this stuff out?


  • Is this attainable?


  • Bar too high: No one can do this
  • Bar too low: Everyone can do this
  • With Jesus’ help: Anyone can do this


  • Jesus modeled it for the next 3 years – Holy Spirit to empower them (and they did it)


  • Jesus is still moving people from the crowd to His church – He’s still looking for followers


  • If we are going to follow – living our lives in a way that’s counter to our culture – we need to listen to the words of Jesus


  • What Jesus speaks to you on the mountain will guard you and guide you in the valley


  • BIG QUESTION THIS SUMMER: Where’s your mountain?(Place, time) away from the crowds and the chaos

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