Community Group Homework

For the week of February 26, 2017


1. What’s the best movie that you’ve seen in the last year? What did you love about it?

2. If your life had a soundtrack, what would your theme song be?



Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?



In his book, The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating, Andy Stanley writes, “Exclusivity is the key to great romance in marriage, but to get it requires setting a personal standard in advance. Even though making choices that honor God with your body might seem like a sacrifce now, it will open the door for marital intimacy later.”

– If you are a single person, what decisions can you make today in order to invest in your marriage tomorrow?

– If you are married, how do you guard your marriage and keep it exclusive?



In Matthew 19, Jesus is talking to a group of people about the seriousness of commitment to marriage and that divorce should not be a decision that is taken lightly. In response, His followers stated, “It sounds like it’s better not to get married!” Read Jesus’ response to them and talk about it. Have someone in your group read Matthew 19:10-12.

– Jesus seems to identify singleness as a calling from God for some. Agree or disagree?

– A eunuch is a person incapable of procreating. Jesus says some are born this way, some have been made this way (some males that served royalty were made eunuchs to protect the king’s harem) and others choose celibacy because of the Kingdom of Heaven. How could remaining single make someone more effective for Jesus’ kingdom? Do you think that many people are called to that choice? Why or why not?


According to the Scriptures, sex is something that is only supposed to be shared in a marriage relationship. That means those who are single and Christ-followers are to remain celibate until marriage.

– Why do you think God set marital boundaries around sex?
– How are God’s views on sex different than cultural views on sex?


In today’s culture, people are marrying much later in life than in past generations. There are five elements that mark a young person’s transition from adolescence to adulthood: Becoming financially independent, moving out of parent’s home, completing education/beginning vocation, marriage, and having children. In 1960, 65% of men and 77% of women had reached these steps by age 30. Today, only 31% of men and 46% of women reach these markers by age 30.

– How do you think that affects singles ability to hold to God’s standard?
– How have our culture’s changing moral standards in uenced this change in behavior?
– What can the church do to help single adults to honor God with their singleness?



Take time to pray for single adults that attend Journey Church. Pray that they would choose God’s plan for singleness rather than settling for the cultural standard. Pray that God would reveal how we as a church can help single adults who are yet to be married or have chosen to remain single as a calling from God.

Are there any needs that we can pray for as a group?

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